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Crafter's Placement

It has been a pleasure over the past  years, to see all of the beautiful items that have been at our shows. Judging all of the wonderful crafts has always been a difficult task, so much to choose, so little spaces to fill. However, placement at each show has become increasingly difficult. In an effort to be accommodating to everyone, too many situations have arisen which have become a very important concern to the Committee. Many different factors must be considered when planning your placement at each of our shows. Physical disabilities, extremely heavy or bulky items, what type of craft may be next to you, requests such as two spaces for one crafter, two tables and electricity are all major factors that must be considered when placing each and every crafter. There are quite a few crafters who just cannot be upstairs because of a physical limitation or disability. These special few will be the first who are placed downstairs. There are also crafters who arrive with very heavy objects, boxes etc. While you may not be able to handle this yourself, please remember, help is always available for both unloading and loading of your vehicles. However, special accommodations will be provided for extremely heavy or bulky items. We must also consider requests for electricity and tables. Our floor plan allows for a maximum of 58 spaces. Within these spaces only 21 allow for electricity, less than half of them are downstairs and only 6 allow for two tables, and if a crafter needs more than one option, that makes it even more difficult! These stipulations are provided for safety reasons. We must maintain aisle width and wish to avoid running electrical cords in traffic areas. We cannot provide electricity where there is none, we cannot provide two tables where there is no room, we cannot provide a downstairs space if there are none left and we do not want to turn a crafter away, just because we cannot provide for their needs. Designated spaces are only available to crafters who prove the need, no exceptions!

We certainly understand that everyone has special needs and we will continue to accommodate all participants to the best of our abilities, but we must be fair to all crafters who participate in our shows. We hope that you will understand our predicament and will appreciate the efforts that we have made to provide for each and every crafter who has ever done our shows.


The Whitehouse Fire Company

Craft Show Committee