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How to apply

Please take the time to read the following important information. All incomplete applications will be returned to you. This will delay your application from being juried and jeopardize your participation in our show. We appreciate your cooperation.

Click here for a printable copy of our application instructions.

  • Please make sure that you are familiar with the "Conditions of our Shows" prior to submitting your application. Please click here if you have not read them.
  • Please be aware that applications for each of our shows are available one year in advance. Jurying for each of our shows begins at least six months prior. Click here for information on our jury process.
  • Deadlines for applying to our shows are listed on each application. If you apply after the deadline date and our show is full, you will be considered for our waiting list only. Read below for information on our waiting list.
  • Complete your application carefully and completely. Please don't rush through it just to get your application in sooner. In most cases this will only delay the process for you. Incomplete applications will be returned. The information that you provide on the front of your application is required for placement in our shows.
  • Applications are juried by category. Please check off only one box on the application. This should be the category that best describes your work. It is very important that you thoroughly describe your craft on the front of every application. We are not looking for a list of items that you make. We are interested in your craft and how it is accomplished. We must have this information to assist in the jury process and placement in each show.
  • Your privacy is important. You have the right to keep your personal information private. Please check the box on the application if you do not want us to give your address or phone numbers out. Read below for more information on our privacy policy.
  • Include photos of your craft and your display. Read below for information on photo requirements. Your application will not be accepted without them.
  • It is very important that you thoroughly describe your craft on the front of every application. Not only the items that you make, but also how they are made. For instance, "hand sewn bibs" not just "bibs". If your craft is the embellishment, such as "personalized and embroidered bibs", we need to know that as well. We need to know what your craft is and how it is accomplished. Please be brief, yet thorough. Give your craft the credit it deserves by providing a descriptive. Please note that there is a separate space for comments or special requests.
  • Special Requests: This is where you would list any difficulties that you may have with stairs, etc. You may also include a space request, but please keep in mind our space requirements. Read below for more information on space requirements.
  • Your program information should be included on the back of your application. For more information about our program read below.
  • Send a separate check for each show application that you are submitting. Applications will not be accepted if payment is not included. Your check will not be cashed until you have been placed in our show. If you are not accepted your original check will be returned to you.
  • Mail application, fees and photos to the attention of the Craft Show Committee at the address at the top of the application.
  • Email us with any questions: whfc.craftshow@gmail.com
  • Click on the link below to get to the applications.

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