Hall Rental

We are pleased to announce that beginning 7/1/21 we will be renting out our banquet/event hall again! The hall was updated and renovated in 2019. It can accommodate up to 100 guests, very spacious, air conditioning, two bathrooms and a kitchen. Please call (908)969-1RENT and someone will get back to you about the date you are looking for and a tour.

Welcome to the Whitehouse Fire Company Hall

Renting the hall allows us to help the community in several ways. We provide a place for the community to have their parties when they have outgrown their homes. The income generated by the hall rentals allows us to cover some of our expenses.

We routinely hold various events like birthday parties, graduations, weddings, reunions, sweet sixteens, Bar mitzvah, Bat mitzvah, holiday, anniversary parties and Christenings.

In 2008 we had a major revision of the hall. If you haven't seen our hall recently, you haven't seen our hall.

We can configure the layout based on your needs.

Prep kitchen with microwave oven, sink, and refrigerator/freezer. Sorry we do not have an oven or cook top in the prep kitchen.

We have a Bar/Serving countertop from prep kitchen to hall.

We have a guest receiving area with a coat room. It has French doors to the main hall.

Read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here.

  • How much does it cost to rent your hall?
    The cost of the hall is $650.

  • How long is a rental?
    The standard rental is up to 4 hours.

  • How much is it for each additional hour?
    There is an additional fee of $150 for each additional hour.

  • How can I pay?
    We accept either cash or check. Sorry no credit cards!

  • Is this the children’s birthday party rental?
    No. This is strictly for renting the hall. The Whitehouse Fire Company does do the wildly popular children’s birthday parties with real firefighters. This is NOT that. To get more information for children’s birthday parties leave a message on our main phone: (908) 534-2552.

  • What is the latest we can rent your hall?
    All cleanup needs to be completed by midnight. There are no exceptions. We are NOT allowed to rent past midnight. If you need an hour to clean up than the party must end at 11:00 PM to ensure a successful midnight curfew.

  • Do I need to bring tables and chairs?
    No. We provide the tables and chairs. We use standard 5’ round and 30” tall tables. There is no additional charge for the tables and chairs. We also have a number of rectangular tables (6’ and 8’ long tables). These are commonly used for food and music stations.

  • What is the maximum number your hall can hold?
    Our maximum capacity is 100 people.

  • What if we need to have more than 100 people?
    Our hall cannot hold more than 100 people. If you will have more than 100 you should look elsewhere.

  • Can we use our own caterers?
    We do not dictate who you can use as a caterer. If you do NOT have one, we will be happy to help with local suggestions.

  • Do you have a kitchen/oven?
    We have a prep kitchen, but do NOT have an oven to heat/re-heat. We have a sink, microwave and a small refrigerator/freezer.

  • Do you have restrooms on the second floor? The last time I was at your hall we had to go downstairs to use the restrooms.
    After a major renovation, we’ve added restrooms on the second floor.

  • Can we have a DJ?
    Sure! The DJ area has a dedicated 20 Amp circuit feeding the outlets. They typically request a 6’ rectangular table which we provide.

  • Can I hang things from the walls?
    All decorations must be free-standing. Tape or pushpins into the walls/ceiling/molding is strictly prohibited.

  • How do I need to leave the rental hall when we are done?
    Leave the room in the same condition you found it.

  • What is your policy on alcohol?
    You are welcome to consume alcohol, but you must police yourself. You are responsible for all minors (under 21 years old).

  • When can I set up for the event?
    We often book more than one event on a given day. Please double check a week in advance to schedule party setup times.

  • Can I throw a party for a minor?
    Underage parties must be chaperoned by adults over 21 years old. You must have enough chaperones to properly watch your guests.

  • Can we use a smoke machine, pyrotechnics, candles or confetti?

  • Where can I park?
    We have parking in the rear of the firehouse. It is an active firehouse. Parking in the front will not only block incoming firefighters, but these cars will be blocked in for the duration of the call. Fire calls can last several hours. You will not have your car back until the call is complete. It has happened. It is never fun! Please do not park in front, park in back.

  • Clean-up
    Clean-up must be completed before midnight.

  • Signed contracts required
    All rentals require a signed contract (along with the security deposit) to reserve the date.

  • What is your Cancellation policy?

    • Two weeks prior to rental date 100% deposit refund

    • Ten days prior to rental date 75% deposit refund

    • One week prior to rental date 50% deposit refund

    • Less than one week prior to rental date deposit is forfeited, you receive no refund

  • What happens if we cause damages?
    Damages are extremely rare but any damages caused by the renter or guest will be the responsibility of the renter.

  • Is there a security deposit?
    There is a security deposit for all rentals. This, along with the signed contract, will book your date. The security deposit will be the same amount as the rental.

  • When do I get my security deposit back?
    After the rental a walk through will be done by a Whitehouse Fire Company rental person and once everything is in order (no damages), you will get the security deposit back.

  • When do I pay for the rental?
    The rental fee must be paid for in full just before setting up for the event.

  • If I have any more questions how can I have them answered?
    The best ways to reach us are:

    • Visit our website: WhitehouseFireCompany.com

    • Email us at Rentals@WhitehouseFireCompany.com

    • Physical Address: 271 Main Street, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

    • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 215, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

    • Leave a message at our special rental line and we will return the call at our earliest convenience.
      908-969-1RENT a.k.a. (908) 969-1736.