Profile: Jacob Apgar

In your own words, please describe your role in the fire company organization.

I’m a Junior Firefighter. I’m able to help out the company by attending work details, which are when members come to the station and make sure the trucks are ready for calls, and the station is kept in good shape. I’m also allowed to go on fire calls. I can ride down to the station and hop onto a firetruck to assist on fire calls. 

When on a fire scene, I’m able to help out with any tasks needed away from the actual fire. These can be tasks like helping lay out and roll up hose, get equipment ready for firefighters, pack equipment away, etc. I’m able to attend training with the company, to gain more knowledge within the fire service.

What inspired you to volunteer with the Fire Company?

I wanted to find something that I was interested in doing.  One thing I’ve been interested in since I was young was the fire service. A lot of my family -  my mother, father, and brother included, are firefighters. They would bring me around the firehouse a lot since I was little; so I basically grew up around this stuff. I also wanted to help out my community and one way I can do that is by being involved with the fire department.

What has been your most memorable moment in your volunteer career?  What is your favorite part about being part of the Whitehouse Fire Company?

With the few months that I have been in the department, I have seen a lot of things. One of the most memorable moments I’ve experienced was when I went on my first fire call. I can remember the joy I had, now that I was in the department and able to go on calls.  Being able to respond to calls is my favorite part of being a Junior Member of this fire company.

What other things are you involved in outside of the Fire Company and how do you balance the demands of volunteering with your other activities? 

I wrestle and play baseball, so the sports that I play usually don’t interfere with the fire department schedule like work details and drills.  On some occasions I’ve had to pick one or the other which can sometimes be hard to do.  Usually outside of answering fire calls, I only have to put in a few hours a week depending on what commitments I have scheduled, and this allows me to be able to be available at the firehouse more often.